#Shelley200 Interview: Professor Nora Crook

In the second in our series of #Shelley200 interviews, Shelley Conference Postgraduate Helper, Ana Romanelli, speaks with esteemed Shelley editor and Shelley Conference Keynote, Professor Nora Crook, about her introduction to Shelley, her favourite Shelley poems, Shelley and popular culture, editorial discoveries and accomplishments, and much more.

Nora Crook is Emeritus Professor of English Literature at Anglia Ruskin University, an editor of The Complete Poetry of Percy Bysshe Shelley (Johns Hopkins University Press), and a Shelley Conference Keynote.

Watch Professor Crook’s keynote lecture, ‘Mary Shelley’s Editing of Percy Bysshe Shelley’, from the 2017 Shelley Conference here on Graham Henderson’s YouTube channel.