#Shelley200 Instagram Launch

The Shelley Conference Postgraduate Helpers, Laura Blunsden and Ana Romanelli, are delighted to launch our Instagram account, @shelleybicentennial, which celebrates the life and works of Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822) on a different platform. We look forward to reaching new audiences and encouraging an interest in Shelley in the lead up to the 2022 Conference and beyond.

While most of our Twitter followers are already well-acquainted with Shelley, our goal with the Instagram account is to reach a different audience, one that may not undertake academic research but might have a personal interest in Shelley, and follow various other Instagram accounts which honour the Romantics, such as @thebyronsocietyofamerica and @keats_shelley_house_rome. We want to offer such an audience a clear and accessible introduction to Shelley and his legacy.

To provide content that is accessible and interesting for all our followers, the posts will not assume any detailed prior knowledge of Shelley. They will be visually engaging and informative, featuring portraits of Shelley and his circle, photographs of the places where he lived, and images that are historically significant to his life and work. The captions will feature short quotations from his oeuvre and brief discussions of their context, extracts from his biographers, and ‘#OnThisDay’ reminders of what Shelley was doing two-hundred years ago. For continuity, the posts are grouped into chronological periods, from Shelley’s early years in Oxford and London to his residence in Marlow and departure for Italy, where his life abruptly ended on 8th July 1822. For those followers who are interested in finding out more about particular topics, or upcoming events, the link to our recent blog posts will be available in the captions and in the bio at the top of the Instagram page.

We welcome new followers and encourage any engagement with the page. Please use the comments box and send us a direct message if you have any questions or requests for future posts.

Laura Blunsden and Ana Romanelli, Shelley Conference Postgraduate Helpers

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