Following the success of the 2017 Shelley Conference, the 2022 Shelley Conference will mark the bicentenary of Percy Bysshe Shelley’s death by celebrating his life, works, and afterlives.

The Shelley Conference will be held in the Nightingale Room of Keats House, London, from 8-9 July 2022.

The Call for Papers is open.

About the Organisers

Conference Organisers: Dr Anna Mercer (Cardiff University), Dr Bysshe Inigo Coffey (British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, Newcastle University), Dr Amanda Blake Davis (University of Derby), Paul Stephens (University of Oxford)

Advisory Board: Professor Kelvin Everest (University of Liverpool), Professor Sharon Ruston (Lancaster University), Dr Will Bowers (Queen Mary University of London), Dr Madeleine Callaghan (University of Sheffield).

Postgraduate Helpers: Laura Blunsden and Ana Romanelli.